“‘Prospect’ is a DVD for baseball’s elite.   Even the most knowledgeable coaches and players will find this movie a worthwhile investment.   In short, ‘Prospect’ is an absolute must.”

Mike Toomey, former national cross checker for the Expos and current MLB scout for the Nationals

“Prospect is a film that will benefit any player who wants to get to the next level, be that college or professional baseball.   Players who watch this movie will see and hear what it takes to succeed from major league coaches and players – as well as some of the countries top college coaches.”

John Boggs, Sports Agent for Mark Prior, Tony Gwynn, Jack McKeon

“Players in high school, and in college for that matter, are really going to get a lot of important information out of this movie.   It will help them learn what they’re going to need at the next level, as well as help them develop strategies for becoming better players.”

David Wright, third baseman for the Mets

“A baseball buddy of mine from college sent me a copy of this video and it’s not an exaggeration to say that watching this and taking the advice to heart could change your baseball life. But I have to admit that watching “Prospect” made me a little upset. Hearing the players, coaches, and scouts talk about all the different aspects of the game – both mental and physical – made me realize that my baseball career didn’t have to end after graduating. I was a scholarship player at a Division I program and feel confident that I had draftable talent. But my potential in certain aspects of the game was not reached and it’s a shame that this video wasn’t around 5 or even 10 years ago. There are a number of gems in these volumes, and to hear them from the likes of Francona and Wright brings the message home even more.

A number of people have asked what the video is about and what they can expect. Well expect a pleasant surprise. This movie is not like all the other shameless, late night cable-advertised “how to” videos that charge you money for what you could learn from Tim McCarver or Joe Buck on Sunday night baseball. This video is not going to teach you how to hit or throw a curveball, how to run first-and-third defenses, or how to execute a hit-and-run. What it is going to teach you is how to put yourself in the best possible position you can be in when the draft arrives. And let me tell you, it’s never too early to prepare. If you’ve ever wondered what the scouts or college coaches are looking for or where your game needs to be to even sniff a 161 game season, then these volumes are for you; and what’s more, the answers come straight from the players, coaches, and scouts themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with not making it to the Bigs, but if you don’t want to share my regrets, I’d suggest you listen closely to what they have to say.”

Post from High School Baseball Web