Terry Francona (Manager, Boston Red Sox)

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Elliot Avent (Head Coach, N.C. State)

Brian O’Conner (Head Coach, University of Virginia)

Jim Farr (Former Head Coach William & Mary, Maryland)

Spanky McFarland (Head Coach, James Madison University)

Ron Atkins (Former Head Coach, Richmond University)

Tony Guzzo (Former Head Coach, Old Dominion University)

Kevin McMullan (Head Assistant Coach, University of Virginia)

Karl Kuhn (Pitching Coach, University of Virginia)

Mike Toomey (Veteran MLB Scout)

Bobby McKinney (Pro Scout)

Ryan Wheeler (Assistant Coach, Richmond University)

Wiley Lee (Head Coach, Great Bridge High School)

Joe Hastings (Assistant Coach, Boston College)

Matt Kirby (Pitching Coach, Villanova)

Chris Roberts (Pitching Coach, Stetson)

Allen Osborne (Head Coach, Catawba)

Randy Mazey (Assistant Coach, Texas Christian)

Jay Sullenger (Assistant Coach, James Madison University)

Travis Ebaugh (Former Assistant Coach, James Madison University)

Mark Harris (Minor League Pitcher)

Ryan Riley (Former Clemson Standout/Minor League Player)

Jason Johnson (Former Assistant Coach, Richmond University)

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