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What is Prospect Movie About?

Prospect Movie is a DVD for baseball’s most advanced players. It features 6 Major Leaguers, 18 Division I college coaches, and 3 professional scouts all communicating how to get to the next level of college or professional baseball and how to succeed once you’re there.

Facts About Prospect Movie

– Ordered by over half of the first round high school draft picks every year.

– Supported by Agents, Scouts, and Baseball’s Top Organizations

– Will give players an edge going into higher levels of baseball.

A Player Will Learn

– How the best players see the game, make adjustments, and prepare themselves to be successful.

– What the best coaches look for and try to instill in their players as the game gets quicker at the higher levels.

– The mindframe the best use to handle the slumps and streaks inherent in baseball.

From The Filmmaker

“This movie isn’t going to make you hit .500 or add 10 mph to your fastball.  The truth is nothing can do that but your own hard work.  What it will do is provide insight into how the successful players approach the game mentally, how they slow the game down and focus in pressure situations, and how they make adjustments.  Prospect was made with a belief in the “aha” moment where something in a player just clicks.”

– Rick Stephenson

How Much Does it Cost

24.99 for an hour and forty five minutes of advice from baseball’s top players, coaches, and scouts.

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