Letter from the Filmmaker,

This film was made because of the coaches, scouts, and players who were willing to share their experiences with us.  We are forever grateful.  However there is one coach I was unable to interview for the film – Keith LeClair.  He is the man who transformed East Carolina University into a national caliber program in the matter of a few seasons.  I could not interview Keith LeClair because he was diagnosed with ALS.

I had an opportunity to play for Coach LeClair in 1998.  Afterwords, people I knew would ask why his teams were so tough to beat.  I always told them it was because if he asked anyone on the team to go lay down on a four lane highway, they would do it.  They would do it believing he knew what he was talking about and knowing he would not put them in danger.  He was that type of leader.

In the name of all the people who made this film possible, a portion of sales will be donated to a charity dedicated to ALS research.

Rick Stephenson